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Skin Deep

Give SKIN DEEP a watch! It's a short film starring my mother and I! Directed by Ryan Couldrey Official selection at Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest, Little Terrors, Spooky Empire, NSI Fest, Beeston Film Fest, and Bleedingham Horror, and a winner for Best Visual FX at 6ix Screams Fest. Starring Ali Chappell, Diana Chappell, and Steve Kasan Ryan Couldrey - Director, Editor, Producer Sabrina Spilotro - Cinematographer, Producer Suri Parmar - Original Screenplay Sara Feehan - SPFX Makeup Creator and Designer Ana Traudeth - Hair and Makeup FX Assistant Nyssa Glück - Camera Assistant Rebecca Grenier, Suri Parmar - BTS Videographers Music Licensed via Filmstro Kevin Krouglow - Additional Music Arrangement and Mixing Special thanks to Cakes Cove Filmed on Location in Toronto, Canada

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