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I am so excited to finally be able to talk about this!!

A few years ago @stacilaynewilson pitched me the idea of modeling for each chapter of her new book. Obviously, I said YES. She's amazing, and who wouldn't want to work with her. With the help of @overlairbee we took a ton of photos and now I can proudly say that FREEZE FRAME by Staci Layne Wilson is now available to buy on Amazon WORLDWIDE!!!


Get ready to rock your socks off and maybe scream them off too with Staci Layne Wilson’s epic mash-up of rock and roll and spine-tingling tales in the newest edition in the award-winning, bestselling book series, Rock & Roll Nightmares. Staci is a music historian who’s topped the charts with her storytelling and knows how to spin a tune into a tale of terror and laughs.

Rock & Roll Nightmares: Freeze Frame is like the VIP backstage pass to the creepiest, most hilarious concert you’ve never been to. With killer illustrations that bring each story to life in full, vivid color, you’ll be headbanging to previously-released horror hits like “Papa’s Got a Brand-New Body Bag” and boogieing down to “Saturday Fright Fever.”

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, the author cranks the amp to 11 with three brand-new stories that have never hit the stage before. This is one show you don’t want to miss – where the legends of rock meet the legends of the dark.

Dive into a wild ride where each tale comes to life with a jaw-dropping, full-page, colorful self-portrait by the multi-talented Ali Chappell - not just an award-winning filmmaker but also a scream queen and model who knows her spooky stuff. You won’t just read these stories; you’ll feel them, thanks to Ali’s stunning visuals that add a whole new layer of thrill and chills. It’s like stepping into a vivid, eerie world where every page turn is a step deeper into the unknown.

Get ready for an experience that’s as visually captivating as it is spine-tingling! Fun, thrilling, and downright scary, this is one journey you won’t want to miss.


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