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I am a Award Winning director/writer

Its been a really rough couple of weeks but it got made a million times better having these guys show up in my mail. I may have cried a bunch.

I'm so thankful that my short film VERIFIED is doing so well. It gives me a ton of hope for the future. Im extremely thankful for my crew and cast and everyone else involved.

The lil tombstone is from Salem Horror Fest for winning the jury prize for the wicked shorts. And the colorful one is from the Knoxville Horror Film Fest 2021 for special jury prize for best debut.

Theyre both so freaking cool. I cant get over it.

It means the world to me that i get to display these awards. Im truly so honored and happy and hope whatever i make going forward will be just as good.

Thank you so much for this recognition and for giving me hope about my future.



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