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LOVE BUTCHER music video directed by ME!!

****Change the video quality to 2160p - not keen that YouTube lower the quality all willy nilly.****


Directed by Ali Chappell (aka me!)

Starring Jessica Mucciante & Travis Coutu

"Love Butcher"

Written and Performed by @ChrisAlexanderFilms

From the Album




I am very thankful to Chris Alexander to allowing me the opportunity to make him this music video. This was a great way for me to learn more about operating a camera on my own, teaching myself more about post production, and really working on the fly and learning so many new skills. I am forever grateful for all he has done for me.

Huge thanks to Jess and Travis for letting me drag them out into the cold rainy weather to film.

Also Knifebird Films is my production company.


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